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Whiskey Stones are designed to chill your whiskey without the diluting effect of ice. Two Whiskey Stone skulls will gently reduce the temperature of your drink. After you're done, rinse off your whiskey stones and place them back in the freezer. The whole process can be repeated every single time.

Set of 4
Grey Whiskey Stone Skulls

The stones will chill in a matter of hours. Be sure to leave Whiskey Bone skulls in the freezer until it's time to pour a drink.

Once added to your drink, the stones will warm slowly, bringing down the temperature of your beverage just the right amount.

Unlike ice, the granite skulls will not dilute your drink in any way. These novel formed stones are the perfect size for a 2 oz drink. Two skulls are recommended per serving. 

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Whiskey Bones - Skull Ice Cube Molds - Grid of 4

Whiskey Bones - Skull Ice Cube Molds - Grid of 4

Regular price$9.99
  • Premium quality: Made of sturdy and durable material, these high-grade premium quality ice cube molds
  • Permanent home bar item: Silicone ice molds last forever and make slow-melting fun skull ice cubes (2"x2.36") for your events. great for house parties, home bars, holiday events, and holiday gifts.
  • Easy and safe to use: BPA-free, non-toxic, food grade, leak-free, microwave safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe.
  • Perfect for the whiskey drinkers: The ultra-slow melting ice skulls will not dilute your drink, preserving the taste and the strength of your favorite Scotch, Irish whiskey, or Bourbon.
  • A gift guaranteed to create lots of buzz

"These are perfect for my son who enjoys a little of the macabre. The stones feel cool to the touch even before being chilled. I'm sure they'll do the job!"


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"Really cool, well-made whiskey stones. Plus, they come in a nice box. Perfect Father's Day gift!"


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Only the finest granite stones are chosen.


Each stone is hand-carved making every set novel from the next.


Preserve your bold beverages using novel carving