Uncovering New York City’s Secret Speakeasies

During Prohibition, when alcohol was illegal in the United States, speakeasies were the go-to places for those looking to enjoy a cocktail in secret. Today, speakeasies are still popular in certain cities, and New York City is no exception. Whether you’re a local or a tourist on the hunt for a unique experience, here are five of the best speakeasies that the city has to offer!

1. The Blind Barber: This East Village spot is an old school barbershop by day and a swanky cocktail lounge by night. It’s easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for – there’s no sign out front, just an unmarked doorbell at the entrance – but once inside, you can expect delicious cocktails served up with a side of live music.

2. Raines Law Room: This Chelsea speakeasy serves some of the best cocktails in NYC (just ask their many loyal fans). To gain entry, you have to find the discrete doorbell tucked away between two street lamps and head down a short flight of stairs into an intimate setting complete with vintage décor and fireplace.

3. Employees Only: Located in West Village, Employees Only is one of New York City's most renowned speakeasies. Step through this speak-easy's phone booth entrance into a cozy atmosphere where classic cocktails reign supreme and bartenders mix drinks like true professionals. Plus—it offers late night eats until 2am!

4. Angel's Share: This hidden gem is located inside East Village's Japanese restaurant Village Yokocho and boasts only 8 seats! The décor may be simple but its cocktails are anything but – expect innovative concoctions that all come with a unique twist (think sake sangria). Reservations are recommended as it fills up fast!

5. Dutch Kills Bar: Located in Long Island City near Queensboro Plaza Station, Dutch Kills Bar serves up some seriously good drinks made with high-quality ingredients like homemade syrup and fresh fruit juices. It also features live jazz performances every Thursday night which makes it an even more enjoyable experience!

If you're looking for an extraordinary evening out while visiting or living in New York City then these five hidden gems should definitely be on your radar! From great drinks to delicious eats to jazz performances - each hidden speakeasy has something unique to offer so don't miss out! Who knows? Maybe your next visit will lead you to uncover even more secret spots around town! Cheers!

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